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MP02 - Filter Pump Maintenance Pack

MP02 includes;


  • 1x Air Blower Coupler Gasket (A Connector)
  • 2x Water Coupler Washers (B+C Connectors)
  • 3x Descaling Tablets
  • 1x Filter Pump Impeller (Stainless Steel Shaft)
  • 1x Filter Pump Flange Seal
  • 2x Filter Pump O-Rings
  • 6x Filter Pump Screws, Washers and Nuts

MP02 - Filter Pump Maintenance Pack

VAT Included |
  • If your pump is sounding like a washing machine full of gravel or has the dreaded silence before the cries of an E02 error.  It is most probable that your filter pump impeller has failed, they sadly don’t last forever!  As long as you are confident with a screwdriver, they are relatively straightforward to replace and the service pack contains all the parts you will need.

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