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SP01 - Basic AirJet Pump Descaler

SP01 - Basic AirJet Pump Descaler


  • 1x Spa Workshop Descaler 
  • 1x Air Blower Coupler Gasket (A Connector)
  • 2x Water Coupler Washers (B+C Connectors)
  • 3x Descaling Tablets 


This product has been designed by The Spa Workshop Ltd and is manufactured in the United Kingdom.                                                                 

SP01 - Basic AirJet Pump Descaler

SKU: SP01 - 5065013719009
VAT Included |
  • Our AirJet Pump descaling solution acts as a versatile aid, functioning as a miniature hot tub for pump descaling and testing purposes. This feature allows you to diagnose and resolve issues, including leaks, worn-out components, and error codes. Additionally, it serves as a remedy for preventing FreezeGuard related initialization problems, which may trigger an E02 or E03 error when inflating your spa during colder weather.


    Regular descaling of your pump will help improve water flow by eliminating calcium deposits from critical components such as the heater, circulation pump, and flow sensor.  


    Our Service Pack One (SP01) includes three descaling tablets and a replacement set of external gaskets as these often perish through contact with chlorine. 

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