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MP03 - PTC Heater Maintenance Pack

Maintenance Pack Three (MP03)


  • 1x Air Blower Coupler Gasket (A Connector)
  • 2x Water Coupler Washers (B+C Connectors)
  • 3x Descaling Tablets
  • 2x PTC Heater Gaskets
  • 1x Flow Sensor Gasket
  • 12x PTC Heater Screws
  • 1x Metal Brush


For Legacy Egg Shaped Pumps


  • 1x PTC Heater Thermostat Gasket (Legacy Egg Pumps)
  • 1x Flow Sensor Gasket

MP03 - PTC Heater Maintenance Pack

VAT Included |
  • If your aluminium block PTC heater assembly is leaking, this would suggest the gaskets are life expired.  Over time a combination of chlorine and mineral deposits cause the seals to become brittle and fail.  This often starts out as a small drip and eventually becomes a constant flow!  As long as you are confident with a screwdriver, the gaskets are relatively straightforward to replace and the service pack contains all the parts you will need.

    Regular descaling of your pump will help improve water flow by eliminating calcium deposits from critical components such as the heater, circulation pump, and flow sensor.

    Our Service Pack Three (SP03) includes three descaling tablets and a replacement set of external gaskets as these often perish through contact with chlorine.  In addition you will receive all the parts you will need to fully service your aluminium PTC heater assembly and flow sensor housing.  The kit is compatible with AirJet pumps of both legacy 'egg' and newer flip up display designs.

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